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Discussion in 'LEAGUEMODE' started by Perfectionist, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Perfectionist

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    Feb 3, 2017
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    *Everything in this review is non-biased, I was not endorsed by the staff or anyone for that matter.
    *You can disagree with what I say, as this is one of the many cheat I have used, and quite frankly it's the only one I'm going to use.

    I found league-mode by searching on google of league cheats, I've also saw a video of Tristan once on YouTube, he really seemed like a nice person and he actually is. I saw raze make the video and it was one of the best videos I have ever seen of a cheat. It made me want to buy the cheat because it looked like a pro player was making a CSGO montage. I will continue to remain a member of league-mode and a friend of Tristan and the admin's. I look forward to this long term relation. Before you criticize the cheat or the admins please read the forums and please learn to used the bloody cheat and give it a good shot. If its not working then obviously you have not followed the instructions and have done something wrong. I've been using X-Strike with a lot of expensive skins and nobody has ever called me a cheater, with the right config you wont struggle.

    Easy To Use: The cheat is very easy to used provided you are not stupid and if the instructions have been followed correctly.

    Aimbot: 9/10
    These settings really depends on the person you are and the skill level, you cant really ask a person for a config though you can definitely try their config out, it might or might not suit your needs or wants. The Aimbot is bloody amazing, its the best I have seen so far and believe be I have tried out a lot of cheats out there, I do not lie when I say it is amazing, makes you look so legit. I recorded myself and watched a lot of the games. I looked like a pro player.

    ESP: 9/10
    ESP is great as expected

    Sound: 7/10
    Its good, depends on the person tbh. Could be better

    Knifebot: 9/10
    Pretty good, not much to say

    Bunnyhop: 8/10
    Quite fun tbh

    Triggerbot: 10/10
    The trigger bot is amazing, it really depends the way you set it up, Its really good for awping and makes you look like kenny S

    Security: 10/10
    The best thing about this cheat is how well the security is and how well its hidden, now I am a programmer and I know how hard it is to hide your cheats, Tristan as done a really good job at making his cheat almost impossible to detect

    Tristan is a great guy, a person you would never want to cheat, he offered me a refund when I gave him a valid reason although the reason I asked him for the refund was because I wanted to put it in my testimonial, sorry for the hassle Tristan, but I have to make it look realistic.

    League-mode is the best cheat out there, and I am quite surprised that other people buy other cheats as this has most security I've ever seen in a cheat and it sure is the best out there. I'm sure Tristan has made ESEA proof but he does not hand it out and it is quit risky handing it out to random people you cant trust. You know what that means right? A programmer who can make ESEA proof is not just a decent programmer but a GODLIKE programmer. The support is great, most of the time there are instant response and I'm glad that Tristan answers the questions himself a lot of the time.

    Many of you might have to do a Trial and error with the configurations. Feel free to post your configs and share it with the people.
    I know it can be annoying to disable or uninstall anti-virus and UAC but its totally worth it if your using league-mode, the security in X-Strike is intense. I also know it can be annoying because there is no GUI (graphical user interface/menu) for the cheat. But tbh you don't really need one. Just used notepad or notepad++ to edit your configurations.
    Before you start asking questions on the forums or start accusing the cheat, I highly recommend reading the previous forums as majority of the questions are asked are answered.

    I give this cheat a 9.5/10 and believe me this rating is real. Using the cheat and getting to know the admins and getting to know Tristan I give league mode, the admin and Tristan a lot of respect. Tristan is a great developer, I believe in this cheat and I don't think it will ever get detected. So I highly recommend using this cheat especially if your playing league. Its worth every $ your paying.

    Improvements: I really wish there was a subscription for 3 months, 6 months yearly basis that might be nice and cheaper than monthly rate, I wouldn't mind a nice little GUI, It would be great if Tristan can paste his own personal config somewhere for people to try out to give them a head start. I really wish I did not have to disable or uninstall anti-virus and UAC. I also wish that if people are pay for X-strike they should get oracle with it. Maybe a video or more videos for exactly what each setting does when you change it. Other than that great job on the cheat.

    Useful links on League-mode:
    VIDEO setup guide: https://forum.leaguemode.com/index.php/topic,4602.0.html
    X-STRIKE And ORACLE settings explained: https://forum.leaguemode.com/index.php?action=kb;area=cats;cat=6
    DOWNLOAD cheat: https://forum.leaguemode.com/index.php/topic,38.0.html
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    I have used a lots and lots of cheats BELIEVE ME and This is the first cheat I've actually been bothered giving a review. I not only love the cheat but Tristan, Admins, community and site. They are awesome people. I highly recommend using this cheat, they have put a lot of effort in this and the security is one of the best things I've seen. I have been using this cheat with my dragon lore and very expensive skins on my main account that's how much I trust the cheat and have faith in it. I myself has a programmer know how hard it is to code something like this. This is my first review about a cheat and it's been worth my time and effort to tell people that it's worth every dollar and penny. I might sound like I'm over exaggerating but I can tell this is the most secure cheat I've ever seen. I recommend reading the forums and knowledge base before asking questions that have been answered and before you judge the cheat make sure you have done all the perquisites and tried different configs and settings. Make sure you set it up right and follow instructions. It's not hard to setup, it's actually very easy. 10/10 for security for sure. I will continue to use this cheat until I quit Csgo. The people who write bad reviews about this cheat either don't know how to set it up or they didn't have the correct settings. Tristan is a humble person just make sure you treat someone with that kind of knowledge with respect. Thank you all for my long ass review. First and last I'll ever do.
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