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APB SystemCheats APB Review

Discussion in 'SystemCheats' started by kiki563308, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. kiki563308

    kiki563308 New Member

    Nov 23, 2015
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    Used SystemCheats 2-4 months ago and never got to make a review, and I must say; this cheat is worth a review. Most big hack providers like x22, Chods, Deadc0de, Even AimJunkies at times, abandon their cheats if it doesn't sell. Gladly to say, if you do that, and sell outdated hacks ( even if only 2 of the features are outdated and don't state it on the sales page ) You're the cancer in this industry. I'm not saying all hack providers do that, since Unknown2me and ArtificialAiming don't, I mean it doesn't change the fact that AA sells detected cheats and lie about detections to their own customers; but you get my point. SystemCheats is one of those hack providers that won't false advertise and or abandon their cheats and continue to sell them as if they're working.

    ~ Menu = 10/10

    - Quite clean
    Easily configurable / Customizable

    ~ Features = 8/10

    ~ Aimbot = 10/10

    - By far the best rage and legit aimbot out there for APB:R.
    Semi blatant settings with this aimbot look legit on stream due to the amazing smooth aim and working FOV.
    Bonescan helps you stay under the radar from FairFight.
    Any settings with a 6 FoV or below and 26 or above Smooth will easily get you to level 255 if you use it on an aimkey such as LCTRL, L Click, or R Click.
    Aim Prediction works AMAZINGLY. 10/10 on just the aim prediction.
    Randomized Aim ( meaning the hack purposely misses a shot every now and then to look legit ) makes the hack an instant 10/10
    2D / 3D Boxes work very nice; even though 2D boxes around the enemy are CLEARLY better then 3D IMO
    Max distance works as advertised.
    Aim on Vehicle which is really needed nowadays with FairFight. I don't know why, but a lot cheats don't have this feature. May I kindly as why? This is 100% needed for legit play unless you wanna go DogFish legit style.
    I don't really rage hack, but I have a few times and it worked fairly well with the Oscar / Shaw.
    I don't get why other cheats don't have smooth aim; When I think smooth aim, I think of it like the one on this hack. The smooth aim here is over 9000!

    ~ ESP / Warning System = 9.5/10

    - Basically everything you can possibly want on a hack. I would suggest chams, but on a game like APB:R which is already dying, there is no point really. It will take you tens and tens of hours just finding the Strides and Vertices and it kinda makes it pointless.

    Head Dot works as advertised, but it's sorta useless since there are no headshot in APB. Still a very cool feature!
    Item ESP works perfectly.
    Vehicle ESP with Vehicle Health works fines.
    Grenade ESP is phenomenal.
    Show Invisible off makes it to where you see the ESP boxes only. If you have a hard time trying to ignore enemies behind a wall but still like to have an ESP; This is the way to go. It will only show on aimable, killable, visible targets.
    Having distance, rank, name, and Bounty all on at the same style still manage to look semi clean
    Warning System works fairly well, however I wish it was like ArtificialAimings warning system. ArtificialAiming has a better warning system SIMPLY because it is bigger and more visible. Kinda feels weird that a cheat with this much customization has no ability to change the location of the warning system to move it around the screen and possibly change the colors.
    Most importantly, the thing that brings this ESP from an 7.5 to a 9.5.... The Aim Laser; Perfect. If you use the ESP on this cheat without Aim laser on with a laser size of 3000 ( Max ) then you're using it wrong.

    ~ 2D Radar = 7/10
    Working, but is a mediocre 2D radar. Wish it had more unique features and different customization options from the 3D radar ( For example, You CANNOT turn off ESP on invisible enemies without also turning it off for the 2D radar. )

    ~ Triggerbot = 6/10

    - Good for raging or that one in every 10 shots toggle on, but it is quite unlegit simply due to FairFight and it not having a random delay.
    There are A LOT better legit triggerbots coded on AutoIt out there for free.
    Example : http://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/all-points-bulletin/147795-wulfcode-apb-r-trigger-16.html
    If you are going to buy this hack for solely the triggerbot PLEASE don't; This will get you 100% banned if you use it constantly, while you can just use that hack I showed above that will never get detected due to the fact that it's an AutoIt Script and it has a random delay. I found myself using the free AutoIt script more then the actual memory triggerbot.

    ~ Misc = 8/10

    ~ HWID = Spoofer ?/10 or 10/10?
    G1 hasn't done HWID bans in years, so I don't really see a point in this existing, however it is nice to have incase they start reassigning HWID bans and works as advertised. On their forums, they have the user files you need to remove incase you manage to get yourself banned.

    ~ Beep System = ?/10
    - May be broken, no idea how it even works lol.

    ~ No Recoil = 9/10

    -Works on all guns as advertised.
    Recoil reducer WOULD be nice though; For example leaving the Shaw's vertical recoil but removing the horizontal kick would be nice and it is indeed possible.

    ~ 10/10 Easily Customizable and lots of options

    ~ Detections = 10/10

    -I don't even think it's ever been detected but I'm probably wrong so part me. It hasn't been detected for atleast 2 years though; and will never be 99% chance. Systemcheats hasn't been detected on CS:GO in almost 3 years ( Never ) FFS... and PB Coders compared to VAC coders are absolute monkeys. APB's anticheat is dead, and there will never be another banwave for SystemCheats

    ~ Support / Community = 10/10
    Everyone I've encountered on the forums was quite polite and the support was very fast and some of the kindest I've ever encountered. The few problems I had were shortly fixed

    ~ Price = 10/10
    - Undoubtedly worth every single penny. 10$ a month and 30$ for 6 months is basically a steal and as good as it'll get for this quality and these features.

    This is what you call a high quality cheat. This is what all cheats should be like nowadays. Whenever SystemCheats is offering hacks for a game I play, I'll gladly have him be the first one I go to / buy.

    I have also used the AA: PG Cheat and it is also the best one I used for that game; Phenomenal Aim assist and ESP like on APB; however I don't use it anymore solely due to the fact that it's an easy game to hack and I'm using my own chams / no recoil nd' full auto script.
    I used their Ark cheat and it was quite good too. Easily 9/10
    If you're thinking of buying the ESP for CS:GO Simply due to the fact that all you want is an ESP with good ESP features + detection rate + price, then go for it.

    I have never used their Squad cheat since I don't own Squad; and if a year from today, they haven't been detected by VAC or EAC; Then it is 100% easily the best cheat out there for Squad due to the features and the price. I personally can't wait to pickup a copy of Squad just to simply try out the cheat.
    Their APB, ARK, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2, AA PG, and Squad cheats are totally worth it!

    TLDR: 10/10 One of the best hack I've ever used

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  2. ishi

    ishi New Member

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Great review. Thanks for the info!
  3. lukedorian

    lukedorian New Member

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Got banned up to 8 times on black ops 3 using other cheats, i havenĀ“t been banned even once using systemcheats, they take a bit more to release a new cheat after the game is launched