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Scam Site 0/10

Discussion in 'nxHacks' started by everz, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. everz

    everz New Member

    Sep 7, 2015
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    So I just signed up here because I saw another user make a video about their H1Z1 hack and I've been looking for an undetected H1Z1 to try.

    What a mistake. These guys advertise that they have an Undetected (never before detected) sort of middle of the line H1Z1 hack with a few features. Boy was that a lie.

    So I sign up on the site. First thing I noticed is the sign up process didn't work, their site didn't send out a confirmation email so I could get fully registered. Luckily I could PM people signed in to my unregistered account, so I PM the site admin (DX9) telling him about the problem.

    He literally responds with in a minute saying: "Try now"

    I do and sure enough he's fixed my account so I can now purchase a hack.

    I purchase the H1Z1 hack with success and go in to the forum.

    The first thing that I notice when I enter the forum is a list of people saying "When are you going to fix the H1Z1 hack?"

    Next thing I notice is a post made a while back (in January, 7 months ago) saying the current feature list, which is just a couple of ESP's. Yes, that's correct it's JUST an ESP hack now and it doesn't even have all of the normal ESP's H1Z1 hacks have or even what he advertised it had.

    The front of the site lists a very robust ESP list, Player Aimbot, Zombie Aimbot, No Clip, Special Item Grab hack and a few other things. It's got NONE of that and it never has. It's a complete lie.

    At this point I'm thinking "ah shit, I just got scammed by yet another bullshit hack site"

    So I message the admin asking him for an explanation. You guessed it, no response. Even through it was only about 10 minutes after he had responded to me the first time, now he's ignoring me. This is typical scammer practice, just ignore the customer until they go away and accept that they've had their money stolen.

    I decide to load it up and go in game thinking, well maybe it's all wrong, maybe they've made some updates to it and just not said anything on the forum about it and no customers have acknowledged it, I guess it's possible, right?

    So I load up the hack and go in game. After about 30 seconds to a minute of being in game and verifying that hack does not have any features other than the couple of ESP I suspected it would, the GAME CRASHES!! Yes that's right, even the couple of features advertised don't work, the GAME CRASHES!!!

    Tired loading up the game a few more times, same result. Crashed to desktop.

    I've sent the admin multiple messages asking for a refund with no response. It's been a day now, he's been online and I'm sure he's well aware of my messages and he chooses to ignore them and steal my money.

    Time to file a PayPal reversal. Remember this: even if you don't win these reversals due to the virtual item loophole, it's still good to always file them against these scammers because it only takes a small ratio of reversals to get their PayPal accounts frozen and PayPal to shut them down. ALWAYS file a reversal if you are dealing with bullshit like this because each one helps win the ultimate battle getting some action against these scammers.

    My review 0 / 10 because they're a scam.