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APB Recommended

Discussion in 'SystemCheats' started by Mongo, Mar 24, 2018.

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    This is going to be a general overview as opposed to an in-depth review of each feature, even though I've included those ratings in the end of the post. This not just about APB, but I had to select a prefix. (can you add a "general" prefix?)

    You're probably considering if you should try systemcheats (referred to as SC from this point on). The short answer to this question is: Yes, you should, and I don't say that easily.

    This is why:
    I'm not a rage cheater so I actually care about remaining unbanned. When I myself was deciding what cheat provider to use for APB reloaded I was really really picky. Slightest wierd behavior or multiple suspicious user feedbacks for a cheat provider and I'm off, because usually it's like that saying: No smoke without a fire. I'd used a couple of different cheat providers before and none of those had been completely truthful about their detections, or about problems/bugs etc. I couldn't find much justified negative feedback about SC so I decided to try it. I always do a good amount of research before deciding on using a cheat.

    I had a handful of bans before this. Since I got SC I never got banned, using the cheat closet style.

    The moderators of SC are respectable and polite. They quickly answer and help you if you ask them for help.
    They have a very good and fair tone and actually care about updating their cheats and if anything is detected it gets taken down for update and you won't be able to use it, so that you wont get banned.

    SC care most about safety, meaning they won't use a feature if it increases the detection risk too much. Other cheat providers just throw every feature in there even if they know it'll get you banned.

    Their cheats are easy to set up and there are plenty of advice and guides for what settings to use. They also point out how to avoid fairfight bans and the individual responsibility for this.

    I've resubscribed to SC 4-5 times now using three different ones of their cheats. Remember that there is no such thing as undetectable. If you're gonna cheat, try SC. I havn't found any better provider yet and I look frequently.

    Conclusion: Good guys, trustable, low detection rates (their cs go cheat for instance has never gotten detected), frequently updated cheats, safety comes first. The only providers I recommend at this point, but I'm always looking for more.

    - Design/Usability: 9
    - Features: 9
    - Security: 9.5
    - Support: 10
    - Price: 10

    Their BF4 cheat is crashing for me randomly and it seems the problem is actually the cheat itself. It lets you play everything from like 20 minutes to a bit over an hour before it crashes the game. They have not publically said anything about this, even though they know the problem is there. A guy wrote about the same problem on their forum and they're not responding on his thread now and they're still selling the cheat like there's nothing wrong. Don't get the BF4 cheat from them untill they have fixed it.
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