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RB6:V2 Rainbow Six Siege Review

Discussion in 'IWantCheats' started by nijagamer, May 18, 2017.

  1. nijagamer

    nijagamer New Member

    Feb 23, 2017
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    Features= 1/10 only ESP available
    Visuals = 9/10 simple glowing name tag easy to understand
    Security= 0/10 complete shit got banned right away
    price = 4/10 15 USD pretty high if you asked me
    Support = they will respond you but not try to help u if say you got banned or not working they will blame on you and delete your post right away like you never post something
    Overall =1/10 complete shit

    this is all the requirement to order to use their new RS6 cheat
    Do the steps below each time Before you start using the Cheat:
    1. Open a cmd as admin and type sfc /scannow When this is completed, restart the PC.
    2. Once the PC has restarted, run the cheat loader.
    3. When the message comes up to install the driver you MUST PRESS NO.
    4. The next window that pops up you MUST PRESS OK.
    5. Open task manager and click details, Check if the loader.exe has gone.
    6. The cheat will now inject and disappear, do NOT start the game until that happens.
    7. Wait 20 seconds.......
    8. Start the game and have fun.
    If you get an error, any error ALWAYS REBOOT before trying again !!!
    Always Reboot After using the cheat !!!
    NEVER inject the cheat 2 times !!!

    If you don't follow every single step correctly the cheat won't work.
    if you miss or went something wrong you have to start all over again pulse it wont load at all cheat loader will tell u you missed this part start all over again
    trust me it's so painful i just use all day to get to work finally got work after one much i got disconnected and saying you been banned.
    i been cheating for pretty long time i know how to play legit with simple ESP
    there cheat was DETECTED before even i buy your not allowed see any people report before you buy and they delete if someone report saying got banned.
    i reported right away after i got ban at the same day more than 20 people reported one after another.
    they know there cheat get DETECTED they still selling to make money pls stay out of this SCAM mother fucker.
  2. Sejucifer

    Sejucifer New Member

    Mar 4, 2018
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    I, too, was scammed by these guys recently. I blatantly asked up front if their shit is undetected and that they've tested it with their accounts. They confirmed there was no issues or bans. I get on three clean RB6 accounts and get banned within a few minutes with the cheat on. When I went back to their forums to nicely report the bans so that they're aware, my posts get deleted and I receive a ban on from using their forums....

    I'm a veteran closet hacker, I was cheating successfully when they had FairFight using WallHax's cheats. Does iwantcheat's cheat work? Yes. Is it detected? Oh Yes. Will they admit that? Nope. Scamming people over there intentionally so be careful!!! At least WallHax admitted their shit was down and was honest when asked if it was available yet.