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PS2 PUBG; Aimware.

Discussion in 'aimware' started by austin, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. austin

    austin New Member

    Oct 27, 2017
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    So, the short duration Aimware lasted when they re-opened their PUBG cheat was interesting to say the least. From my playing experience whilst using, I can tell word broke out fast.

    Design / Usablity
    The same good old Aimware design, perfectly suited for PUBG. Only offering visuals, of course, but it was simple and easy to set what you wanted to see, and you could configure the distance of which you could see other players (0m > 1000m) This also included a radar, to say the least, wasn't the best, but I presume it's not exactly possible to make the radar any other way.
    9/10 - due to the radar being horribly designed and difficult to really comprehend or use.

    Aimware only offered visuals for PUBG. Now, from my own point of view, I can understand this with how brutal BattlEye is. Visuals is all that was really needed, and all I could personally desire for the game. The visuals pretty much showed everything required, including Level 1 > 3 armor, gun extensions, grenades, players, vehicles and all you need to see.


    Now, grasping that Aimware was able to bypass BattlEye for 12 days in total, as a public developer, that is actually impressing in my eyes. I didn't expect them to last as well as they did.

    I can't account for this part of the review greatly since everything you need to do is straight forward, as well as the cheat itself once injected, being straight forward. Aimware did announce that if you do get banned, it happens on your behalf, not theirs, and that's perfectly acceptable. Many people asked for refunds or new accounts when the cheat did get detected which I find beyond baffling due to the fact it's;
    1. BattlEye.
    2. A public cheat.
    But, it's whatever, I suppose.
    - / 10


    The majority of PUBG cheats go for privately $200+, however, Aimware was $15. Neat. Even if it were for 12 days of fun. I can't complain about the price myself, but those looking for a more permanent solution should've maybe looked a bit better and invested more wisely.


    For a public cheat taking on an AC like BattlEye, Aimware do continue to surprise me with things like this. I'm impressed, and even though it cost me a PUBG account, I knew what I was doing. I'm happy with the results of using their cheat as it was highly-optimized for the game, and worked as I required it to. This review is hardly relevant now since the cheat has since gone offline, but I feel the review could've still been done.