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Overall Site In General 0/10

Discussion in 'nxHacks' started by Maymayz123, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Maymayz123

    Maymayz123 New Member

    Sep 2, 2016
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    The site looks very clean and isn't complex. It definitely is very easy to manage and perfect. However the staff of the site, and their form of business not so much. So lets get started with the review. The staff team obviously don't know a bit about being professional. I understand it's their site and they can do whatever they want, but when someone is giving you their money hoping in return to get your support and your product at least make it seem like you care. Their H1Z1 cheat is being advertised as up undetected and running fine. NXHacks is running a very bad scam. I'm aware of almost all cheat sites and none of them have a updated H1Z1 site. Knowing NXHacks they seem to be the ONLY site that has one up and undetected running fine like they advertise. However upon purchasing the cheat you're redirected to the instructions, download link, etc. Once the loader is opened and you select the cheat it clearly states UNDETECTED in the loader. Once in a BR or survival game pressing insert opens the cheat. It's not even a menu it's literally text that you use your arrow keys for. Looks like no time was put into the menu what so ever. But that's fine you won't be seeing the "menu" much because you get kicked every minute automatically by the cheat's "purpose". I'm sorry but if a cheat is advertised as undetected and running smoothly I would expect to be allowed to play a game with it; however NXHacks could careless about selling a real cheat and more about stealing money. False advertisement at it's finest.
  2. sirmike

    sirmike New Member

    Jul 24, 2016
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    NXHacks is running a scam. They share their hack with Illusion-hacks.
    They are a reseller. Since Illusion-hacks discontinued the h1z1 hack, nxhacks should also discontinue. Hench it's the same hack.
    Their mods and admins are a joke. Whatever you say here on their site gets you a ban directly.
  3. gaggi

    gaggi Member

    Jul 19, 2016
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    this is worst website ever made, they all are scammer,