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CS:Go late 2017 recode

Discussion in 'Unityhacks' started by Lilith2, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Lilith2

    Lilith2 New Member

    Aug 14, 2017
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    The cheat has been revived with a new GUI and the same features. Seems to be the safest cheat I've used so far. I played from November 2017 to March 2018 with no VAC bans. Just Overwatch bans for raging sometimes. Staff seems to be helpful for simple matters such as HWID changes or pre-sales questions. I've never had anything serious to ask about. They advertise HvH features but they fucking suck. They even admitted on the forum to not giving a shit about fixing it. Cheap price 14 euro / month. Overall it's good choice for legit cheating.
    It's nothing unique except there is a humanized aimbot setting that has a curved slider that will make your aimlock have curves instead of straight linear paths. If setup properly it looks really legit. Assuming pSilent is still 100% undetected since the big vacnet updates, it's the best implementation I've ever used. You can set it to 0.8 fov and shoot a guy's dick off, but the game says it was a headshot. Your crosshair never even moves. Really good if you have terrible aim. Also has individual weapon configs.

    Chams, Glow, Skeleton esp, player or item box esp, player or item text esp. Clean, always works, and never had it show a gun/player from a previous round. Seems to be perfect. Text esp can show distance in meters, health, armor, ammo, and current gun. I used text esp for info through walls, and chams when visible. That way I don't accidentally shoot a guy through a wall if I get careless.

    Change color of the map, Grenade trajectory tracers, animated damage numbers when hitting an enemy, some configs for esp are stream proof, skin changer, bhop, and some other random shit that doesn't affect game play.

    Never been Vac banned in my 5 months of use. Rumored between some discords and friends that a VAC wave hit Unity sometime in 2018 after I left. No proof though. For me 10/10. I cheated on my main with like $20 of skins and a bunch of badges/a 5 year coin. Lost it to overwatch when I HvH some guys before I knew much about vac.

    14 Euro per month
    27 Euro per 3 months
    48 Euro per 6 months
    87 Euro per 1 year
    I think the monthly price is fair, however it can add up quick if you're a long term user. The 3 month price when converted to USD is among the cheapest 3 month sub of any csgo provider. I use that one. Unfortunately the 6 month and 1 year price are more expensive in USD than many other sites. Aimware for example is cheaper per year than Unity.