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CS:Go iniuria 1 year review.

Discussion in 'Iniuria' started by austin, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. austin

    austin New Member

    Oct 27, 2017
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    Hi. I've used many cheats for CS:GO in my duration of playing (2+ years.) and this one's by far the best I've used for legit hacking. I will attach images proving that I'm a user, and a customer of Iniuria (with validation it's me due to the different usernames)

    Design / Usability:
    Iniuria has a unique look to it, with customization features so you can change the default color which is purple, to whatever you like. Several different tabs listing everything clearly. (Aimbot, Visuals, Triggerbot, Weapon, Misc, Config etc) Iniuria is a little different to other cheats being based on a legit legit, and rather not a rage cheat (though, you can rage with it rather effectively, I'll move on to that further down.) and that being the fact you're unable to use the menu whilst not in a competitive / server / deathmatch etc. Therefore - you either download a config or create your own in a bot game. Small, and transparent, so it's not taking a huge chunk of your screen if you are quickly changing the FOV whilst in-game, you can see if anyone's coming whilst you change stuff around.


    Iniuria doesn't hold back on features, for sure. It, as I've said, being a legit cheat - comes packed with lots of features which are safe to use. It's Aimbot is 100% customizable, various features including overall FOV, smooth, and such. The visuals have a lot to show also, with 3 different versions of Chams, 'Steps' which tells you if the player is running (if you're playing legit, without visual assistance but steps only) as well as various things like bomb timers and more. The triggerbot is rather overpowered when you know how to hold an angle with it. (I have it set to Mouse5 whilst holding long doors on Dust 2 or mid from T-Spawn.) And various settings to ensure the triggerbot looks itself legit, and Overwatch safe. Within the misc section, you find a lot there too in recent updates. In a recent update, it had backtracking implemented, which is a serious game-changer when you're losing a game, and need to comeback and someone keeps shoulder peeking an angle. The bunnyhop is perfect, and you're able to set a custom clantag by editing a simple text document. So you can imitate a professional player if you wish!


    As someone who's used many cheats - the VAC waves this year hit hard, and a lot of cheats got affected. Iniuria, from my POV, didn't. There were the odd few which had a VAC ban, but I'm pretty sure they injected another cheat as well, due to the number of users which didn't get affected. I've never been VAC banned using Iniuria, and only received 1 game-ban, that was when I was trying it out the first time (understandable.) but I believe due to Iniuria's kernalmode protection ring0, and myself being on Windows 10, running patchguard disabled on a boot, it ensures Iniuria doesn't get detected like other cheats. The last VAC wave of which Iniuria suffered, December 2014. That was the only real 'official' wave of which it suffered. This gives my reason to give my score on security.


    Myself, using the forums quite a bit for Iniuria, the support overall is perfect. As both staff, and users assist everyone with problems. Admins reply within a 24 hour basis dependent on the issue if it's a major issue or just a minor thing like some visual settings not working, but the majority of issues that arise - have already happened and therefore answers can be given rather quickly by the community itself. I've never had an issue with any of the staff, and they tend to always be friendly when attempting to help someone.


    In regards to features, support and security - the price is very well worth what you're paying for. €15 for 1 month, €25 for 3 months, €45 for 6 months, €60 for 1 year and Lifetime costs €50 on sales! (Christmas, Halloween, Summer etc) - I think that compared to other cheats is pretty cheap, and worth every penny! After payment, (I've always used PayPal) your membership is granted near-instantly!


    I do believe I've granted fair points in my own experience of using Iniuria. It's what I'd genuinely consider - one of the best out there, on the public side of things, and a great P2C to use. I've used it on my main account (Prime, Supreme Master First Class, 2016 & 2017 Service Medal, Operation Medals etc.) and managed several hundred hours of fun with it.


    p.s. images won't appear come up on my side, apologies if there's a double copy.