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BF4 HAGS Review BF4

Discussion in 'Hags-Club' started by Zach Kangas, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Zach Kangas

    Zach Kangas New Member

    Jan 2, 2018
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    Now I've not used this cheat in a while, since my sub ran out and only now learned of this website.
    Heres the review:

    So the hack is based around a LOT of config files and takes quite a decent bit to actually setup. That there is a big put off for me. Its almost like a script system, which is great for customization but not so much for new users.

    Aimbot: 3/10
    Ill just start by listing its problems (from when I had it). Zeroing was not accounted for. Bulletspeed/Drop was not pulled, you had to set it in the settings (and use a keybind to swap between weapons!?). What those two things result in is 1. never hitting long distance shots and 2. only being able to hit closer people with aimbot.
    I never tried vehicle aim so idk. Silent aim was neat though.
    Other Gun Features (NoRecoil/Spread): 7/10
    Works as intended, nothing special though.

    ESP: 9/10
    Honestly one of the better esp's i've used. Had a nice vis check system and, by default, was really usable (more so than other i've tried).

    From what I remember, that was the cheat. Barebones, undetected and not-so-user-friendly.

    Overall: 6/10
    The hack had no groundbreaking features, had a good esp, but had a terrible aim bot for anyone further than 100m. It is 10$, but for the price I think there are better hacks that are still UD

    The reliance on the config bases system was really quite good, but took me 4-5 hours to truly understand and get a grip on.