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CS:Go HackerAdvantage- BF1/5/Division/CSGO

Discussion in 'HACKERSADVANTAGE' started by damjon5, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. damjon5

    damjon5 New Member

    Jan 5, 2018
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    Where do I start, this website unfortunately offers some very lackluster cheats. The product is very weak in comparison to market and also has a medium-high detectable rate. Admins will always claim that the fault lays with the user, so be it; however when using other cheats without mentioning names in the exact same games I have been able to retain my account past a year period, and with this cheat provider a solid 1week to a month before you are gone.

    Last but not least, if you are banned from a game, or if a game is no longer playable for whatever reason admins/owner will refuse to change your subscription to an alternative game in order to at least still be able to use the reminder of your subscription for another game.

    Please base your review on the following points:
    - Aimbot- most likely the worst thing aimbot I have ever tried, very finicky 1/10

    - ESP- The players ESP sometimes are not available and are disconnected thus making the random surprise attack, closer to a heart attack when you are expecting to know the guy behind the wall in-front of you. 2/10

    - Security- Almost a guranteed ban within 1 week to a month, for some people thats acceptable for me that is absolutely not since I am paying. 0/10

    - Support- Admins answer promptly however in many cases their responses will affect their pocket due to the lack of customer service understanding that these folks have. Helping a customer in need when something is functioniung creates an opportunity for a life long customer even if sometimes your product is not the greatest. Which in the end funds may allow you to work better to find better software in order to create better cheats. 0/10

    - Price- Price is fairly affordable, but again its opinion because even though their cheats are not too expensive, be prepared to pay for the cheat, and buy yourself another account shortly so the price is very deceiving.3/10

    Overall- I rate this website and the provider a 2/10 and that is really being generous. It is unfortunate that some of these websites don't just get shut down in order to not cause people in the future grief.