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Verified General review

Discussion in 'Hags-Club' started by Sincerity, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Sincerity

    Sincerity New Member

    Jul 27, 2014
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    I was first brought to Hags-Club by a friend i met playing APB, the undetected rate there is AMAZING to say the least, 2 years without a detection. Unfortunetly this was broken when someone decided to post up about HC on the APB forums. Here we go!


    The page you first see is the news page, here you see the news for their 'Hags' and new ones. The forum is very simplistic and small, unlike many other websites. That is not a bad thing though, i personally very much like the layout of the forum as it's quite calming in a sense. They've got a bunch of sections of each of their hags and general support etc. They're quite easy-going over there which i like alot


    The ammount of cheats is a bit smaller than other providers, but the ammount of features they offer is great! Along with the low detection rate it makes a perfect match, I've tried out alot of their cheats and they are all very much high quality. No lag, good looking ESP and easy to change the colors. I've mainly used the Battlefield 4 hag, Titanfall hag and the APB hag. They all work perfect for me and i have nothing but good to say about them! The BF4 hag does not have an aimbot, but with the no-recoil and no-spread that is offered you do not need one IMO. The plus side about their cheats is that they are external, so you can stream/record clean videos! (Not with shadowplay though :/).


    The support sections are pretty much self help only, in the sense that they do not offer support over Teamviewer or such. But if you can build an IKEA chair you can use Hags! But if you do need support you can always make a post in the support section and people will be there to help you!

    Cheat Client

    The cheat client is incredibly easy once it's set up. You simply launch it, log in and you're done! After that you simply start your game of choice and a Hags loading screen will pop up quickly and then the game will launch.

    Final Verdict

    For the low price of 10 USD a month you get access to all their 'alive' cheats, yes. ALL their 'alive' cheats. Incredible and extremely low price for the quality you get! The detection rate is low, the cheats are very well coded and the community is nice. I highly reccommend you to try Hags-Club out as it's only 10 dollars for all cheats (11 cheats), and they are top notch quality, i have not yet found a provider that has this low price for all cheats and with the great quality of hags. So, the final rating for Hags will be 9/10!

    Have fun everyone!
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  2. kiki563308

    kiki563308 New Member

    Nov 23, 2015
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    I support you on this, Hags club is extremely underrated