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Fortnite Hack review

Discussion in 'Other Cheats' started by neon015, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. neon015

    neon015 New Member

    Jul 31, 2015
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    aimetimods. com/community review honestly

    Hey Guys, This is going to be my review for aimetimods Fortnite

    ESP (11/10)

    ESP is clean, super customisable, extremely smart and the best on the market. It will only list items higher then what is currently equipped, and only show attachments and ammo for the guns you have. The Player esp is also very customisable with you being able to turn on / off box (Thin, Bold and Corner), Skeleton, Weapon Equipped, Name, Distance etc etc.

    Best on the market

    Aimbot (13/10)

    One of the best aimbots ive ever used for any cheat ever, especially PUBG. It is fully customisable, with you being able to change FOV, Smoothing, Curve, Chase time. You can customise the aimbot for each weapon group (E.G Rifles 10 FOV 100 Smooth and Snipers 100 FOV 0 Smooth). Its also the most legit look aimbot ive ever used for this game with over 1.5 years of hacking in Fortnite (around the release time is when i started) and nothing has felt more legit yet more insane.

    Item ESP (10/10)

    Fully customise what you see on your screen and how far away it will show from. You can change the colours to your liking, maybe if you only want to see weapons you just have weapons on, its the best around for keeping clutter off of your screen. My favourite thing about it is that it wont show weapons / items under your current equipped, so if you have a lvl 2 helm you wont see lvl 1, if you have none youll see lvl 1+

    Support (20/10)

    The team here is amazing and have some of the kindest staff around. They have helped me with all issues ive had within a small amount of time

    Security (10/10)

    This has been undetected since their release, personally been using it for up to 14 hours on my new account (new record xd), not 1 ban. The safest cheat out there. Always keep UD and up to date

    Pricing (10/10)

    Cheapest on the market for what you get

    Conclusion :

    As to be expected from Aimeti, another perfect hack