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DiamondCheats - Expose

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Audax, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Audax

    Audax New Member

    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hello, I am writing this thread to warn the cheating community. Do what you will with this information, whether you proceed to do business with them or not.

    On my finding, I stumbled across https://cheat-report.com/threads/cs...gta-5-mod-menu-and-rust-cheats.604/#post-1645

    I realized this was a scam through a quick research

    First: I will start off with the obvious points. The "cheat" doesn't have any real rep or vouches from any real sites. Such as cheat-report, hackforums, d3scene, elitepvpers, ownedcore, high-minded.

    "The reason" they don't have any vouches - https://i.imgur.com/yNYCHhK.png

    Second: the customer tags on their discord.
    They look like alt accounts, no hypesquad badges or connected accounts ex. spotify, steam, youtube, etc...
    Only have two customers.

    With there only being two customers, how are you going to have the lowest amount of slots for rust

    The two customers seem to have unaffected their total slots.

    Third: the owner / seller says he is on vacation, but has the time to message on the forum and discord. As well as stating that he doesn't have any proof.

    Fourth: Downed website. Owner saying that his website is down because the autopay failed. In reality, the the domains were bought by the same provider. Which means there is a possibility they're under the same hosting provider.

    Fifth: Who is behind the company? Well according to their website one of the owner is named Koilz
    And the fact that this cheat provider provides cheats for GTA V and knowing that there was a recent scandal in the GTA V FiveM community with Koil scamming the coder of Ham-Mafia by acting as their COO and ended up taking all the money. This could be Koil reselling their product as their own.

    Sixth: Media LMAO this dude really spent 2 minutes and 36 seconds recording himself on an aim training map. You can really tell this is legit aim and not at all an humanized aimbot because it overaims by so much. If you compare to a legit provider PlatinumCheats were they actually show the cheat menu. You can see that it's "humanized" aimbot doesn't overaims any more than 50 pixels compared to the scam video overaiming a shit ton. They also seemed to have stole their logo and just placed a diamond in the center of it.

    Go ahead and read the comments as well from the scam video. In case they deleted the youtube video or privated it. Here is a mirror - https://streamable.com/6kj04

    This might be far stretch but I also came across an another site that is a well known scam. Prices from this discord are pretty much the same to this site. They state they only have the discord and one point of contact. They claim any other associations through the providers names are false. You could also do some more research with this scam site: diamondcheats.net through domain lookup if you have the tools.

    Download HoverZoom because I cba to reformat the images



    All forum accounts have the same UID
    [​IMG]consistent forum users. It doesn't change
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  2. Nizzl

    Nizzl New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
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    First off whos koil and your basing your expose on some random info? Theres hardly any real proof of it being a "scam" this hardly does anything since we got happy customers with real vouches, and not everyone wants their discord as a customer tag for a reason, and why would a leauge cheat use a menu? Did you do any resarch how esea, faceit, cevo eac ban? I think not since they screenshot your screen looking for any visual assistance, well il write something better in a week and a half when i acctualy get home, and use my pc what has soo many evidence debunking everything you said
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    Another thing you clearly didnt read our announcment channel "Daily reminder http://prntscr.com/mt9a42"

    Quick edit: what is this shitpost ive been looking at your screenshots of "proof" just some rando stuff acctualy laughing to it
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