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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Nizzl, May 28, 2018.

  1. Nizzl

    Nizzl New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
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    Hello since i'm offering 10 slots for my csgo esea cheat again il be making a post here

    to contact me use email @ aleksandar@diamonddigitalgroup.net or this discord server https://discord.gg/heSvUeV

    CSGO CHEAT - 10 slots left

    - Design/Usability - There is no design except the silent injector that you would get due to esea faceit client and cevo taking screenshots so you couldn't rilly get a GUI on your screen that would get you banned, you would toggle the features via binds you tell me to prepare for you.
    - Humanized aimbot

    - Security is quite good, we would support you on how to prep the cheat/s
    - Support - You would get support from either me or the staff team, there is currently 5 of us always working on supporting you
    - Price - Esea cheat prices would be disscused via email, contact me or any of the staff via email, our emails are : aleksandar@diamonddigitalgroup.net or support@diamonddigitalgroup.net

    GTA 5 CHEAT - 100 slots left

    - Design/Usability Simple gui that opens via insert
    - Features

    Save/Load Vehicle State

    Ever modded up a vehicle and like the look of it? With our trainer, you can save the "state" of any vehicle (inc. paint) and share it/load it up again.


    We have many options for your weapon, including a gravity gun which uses real physics to provide a realistic experience.

    Control The World Around You
    We have intensive options to manage/control the entities (peds, vehicles etc) around you, and those far away from you.

    Advanced Vehicle Preview

    Evolve shows you a number of information before you spawn a vehicle, such as an image of the vehicle, the name, and the class name.

    Advanced Spawner

    Spawn and manage your spawned entities with our advanced spawner. Get right into the action with optional settings for spawning.

    Advanced Los Santos Customs Replica

    Customise your vehicle to the max with our advanced lsc replica.

    - Security protected from rockstars anti cheat
    - Support 24/7 support from our staff team contact via email or discord, first contact us via support@diamonddigitalgroup,net
    - Price €25 lifetime

    RUST CHEAT - 5 slots left

    - Design/Usability Simple gui and simple to use
    - Features
    Player ESP Features

    Player Names
    Player Distance
    Bounding Boxes
    Show/Hide Sleepers
    Aim Target Highlight

    Animal ESP Features

    Animal Names
    Animal Distance
    Animal Icons

    Item/Lootoable ESP Features

    Item Names
    Item Distance
    Resource Names
    Resource Distance

    2D Radar Features

    2D Radar
    Optional Show/Hide Players
    Optional Show/Hide Animals
    Optional Window Display
    Optional Crosshair Display
    Optional Background Display
    Configurable Range

    Misc Features

    FPS Display
    Clock Display
    Friend/Enemy List
    Player Aimbot
    Customizable Aim FOV
    Customizable Aim Key

    - Security protected from EAC
    - Support 24/7 contact at support@diamonddigitalgroup.net or our discord after buying
    - Price €25/mo

  2. Nizzl

    Nizzl New Member

    Apr 2, 2017
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