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CS:Go csgo baunticheats

Discussion in 'BauntiCheats' started by meta03, May 1, 2017.

  1. meta03

    meta03 New Member

    May 1, 2017
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    Well let's talk about BAUNTICHEATS

    I hack for more than ONE YEAR now in csgo with baunti and i'm still in the game ( no vac ban no overwatch ban nada 100% clear ) i tested a lot of cheats i mean a lot ( artificialaiming hackersadvantage illusionhacks x22 ilikecheat cheatautomation fpscheats aimjunkies ....) and guess what ? baunticheats is #1 my main is prime and i cheat for more than one year i bought a smurf i cheat for 6 months still OK and i rebuy a new smurf here ^^

    aimbot : 10/10 fov adjust and slow-aim config will allow you to switch between rage n legit settings (with panic key to disable everything and aimbot key to ON/OFF aimbot when you want) auto-norecoil is included in aimbot when you aim with cheat the recoil is automatically calculated so you can full fire and still do hs with a perfect humanized style bone aim works 100%

    triggerbot 10/10 same as the aimbot fully configurable panic key / key on off / delay / select body parts to shoot at etc etc .... PERFECT

    esp 10/10 box 2d 3d bounding boxes lasers hp bomb carrier armor weapon esp it's complete and fully config with colors

    misc 10/10 crosshair with another recoil crosshair ( a crosshair for recoil will indicate where the next bullet will be fire so with legit settings you can "predict a little bit" the spread of the weapon so you can play sneaky perfectly

    radar 10/10 provides a 2d radar in-game that you can configure

    no-recoil 10/10 configure the recoil for every weapon (each weapon have a weapon ID and you can save the recoil settings for each weapon )

    support 10/10 an answer to you question in less than 24hrs

    security over 9000 /10 cheat will be freeze if csgo update for prevent stupid players to inject when it's not safe

    i'm fully satisfied of baunticheats