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CW Aimware Garry's mod scam

Discussion in 'aimware' started by Azzura|Evil, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Azzura|Evil

    Azzura|Evil New Member

    Oct 16, 2016
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    I'm going to post you here the review I posted on their site and that was of course refused, refusing to see the no skill of their coder, if you want a cheat Gmod, buy Bigpackets.com Or Baunticheats.com ( they know what they are doing)
    the cheat is disgusting for such a high price, must be ashamed of coded shit and sell it for so long

    Legitbot ?/10 : I have a little test and it seems to go

    Ragebot 2/10 : I have never seen an aimbot be detected by Cac a by aimware, the restriction Anti Cac makes the aimbot miscalculated and useless except for a motionless player also the ragebot works very well for half life weapons, unlike the M9k, rather bad
    + the ragebot does not take into account the npc (ragebot)

    Visuals 4/10 : Working, no bug, clean but

    - Crosshair No Recoil doesn't work
    - No Visual recoil doesn't work
    - Hands Chams :not working.
    - Weapon Chams : There is only the color mode that works and still impossible to change color it remains in disgusting gray, 1 mode out of 5 works
    - He has no draw fov, yet basic even in a lua cheat

    And it lacks functionality.

    Misc 3/10 : Bhop + Autostrafe working pretty good, an essential feature and I was not disappointed

    - Speedhack is patched since 2015, not even working

    - the Fake Lag works very well, do not bug the player unlike cheat lua

    - the name stealer is pretty bad, the character to copy the nickname is visible, so useless

    - FakeLatency : Doesn't work.

    - bypass Sv_cheats is useless...

    Overall = 1/10

    the cheat needs to be recoded entirely or to be deleted, I was very disappointed with aimware, knowing your cheat CSGO just very good... quality price level it's not worth a well coded lua, I do not recommend buying this cheat.