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CS:Go Aimware<3

Discussion in 'aimware' started by Cheat-Tester, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Cheat-Tester

    Cheat-Tester New Member

    Feb 3, 2016
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    The legit aimbot is very customizable, and has so much options to make it legit, but I don't think it is too good in action, it still look like aimbot with legit settings. 8.5/10

    Rage: Aimware is pretty much the best avaible cheat to hvh, and his rage aimbot is perfect, very customizable and accurate, very very good! 11/10

    I like the visuals, there are too much options so you can edit what you want, like esp, it has the option so you can change the size of things, and colours, there are some other things that are good in the visuals, but I pretty much did not used then, so I really can not give a properly review, but the esp is clean and solid! 10/10

    Ok, now this is the part of the menu that I did not like, simply because it just looks like very feature is detected, so if you are a legit player, this is a 7.5/10

    They had a hard time 2015 guys now 2016 it will be better!!! 7.5/10

    The price is very good, 15eur for 1 month and 80eur for lifetime is a fair price, but only if you like to rage/hvh. 7/10

    If you are looking for a rage cheat, aimware is your best choice at the moment, it's is a pretty good cheat in hvh and etc.

    Legit: ITs okey :D

    Rage: 10/10
    Legit: 7.5/10