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Forum Rules

Rules of behaviour

- Always behave friendly to all members of the forum
- Insults will not be tolerated
- Especially new members are not familiar with everything, this is to be accepted
- Always try to help new members and refer to the rules when disrespected
- Calumny without evidence is prohibited
- Spam of any kind will be punished with an infraction
- Always use the forum search before opening a new thread

Rules of content

- Posting links to warez or sites which contain warez is prohibited
- Posting content which contains pornography or racism is prohibited
- Posting links which contain law violation is forbidden
- Posting referrer links or pay4click links (e.g. sharecash.org) is forbidden
- You have to chose an insightful thread title
- You may not use oversized pictures in your forum signature
- Forum avatars or signatures may not contain pornographic or illegal content

Multi accounting

- Multi accounting is usually not allowed on Cheat-Report
- If you share your internet connection with a person which also uses Cheat-Report you have to notify us
- In case of a permanent ban, both persons will get banned. You are liable for each other
- In extreme cases a house ban may be placed. Trying to bypass it will lead us to legal steps

Additional rules

- The Cheat-Report team reserves the right to ban users for other reasons which are not listed here
- We reserve the right not to take action against people who provide benefit to our community
- You commit yourself to regularly check the rules for possible alterations
- The user has no right that his posts or threads get deleted
- People who bought the cheat, mustn't give the cheat to another one or sell it to another one, breaking this rule results in removing the cheat from the user