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Nov 23, 2015
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Mar 31, 2017
    1. Canceraye
      Just curious, why put zlitz on your list of bad sites?
    2. Alistair
      I'm thinking of going with x22 for a 5 combo of PS2,APB,Dota,GTA,RS:Siege.
      How's the detection rates on them?
    3. Alistair
      How's the Dota 2 cheat (xMultiHook v1.0) from x22 cheats? Worth it?
      1. kiki563308
        If you are interested in a nice camera hack that won't get detected, don't care about the money. and comes with an additional nice ESP, Then buy it. From what I've seen, AimWare looks better for Dota 2, however don't take my word for it since I've never used it. If they have a trial, buy it and if all the features work + if it's never been detected, it is very similar to x22, but a tiny bit better better.
        Jan 14, 2016
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    I've been using paid and free hacks ever since 2012. The first game I ever cheated on was Battlefield 2, so I know what a good cheat is apart from a bad cheat, so if you have shitty cheats + support for an overpriced pricetag, don't expect me to review it as a half decent cheat, since I'm not like most people. As I said before, I know bad from good. If you're willing to ban me for speaking the truth, bad or good, go ahead. I'm only here to shame the ban and promote the good. There is far too much bad compared to good.


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